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How to listen to Croydon Radio

On your
PC or Mac
On your
tablet device
On your
On your
Internet radio

Firstly, you should have a media player at the top of this page. If not, click here.

If the default player doesn't work, you can try some others such as Flash, Windows or the HTML Player.

Use the HTML Player.

On AppleTV

Go to "Radio", "Adult Contemporary" and scroll through the list of stations to "Croydon Radio".

We recommend Tunein available in the Apple, Blackberry, Android and Windows stores. Install the app and search for Croydon Radio.

Once you are listening, go to our mobile page in your mobile browser to chat in the shoutbox.

Search for "Croydon Radio" on your internet radio device.

If Croydon Radio isn't listed, let us know the make and model of your device and we'll ask the manufacturer to add us.

On iTunes

You can subscribe to Croydon Radio podcasts from iTunes.