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We Love New Music

The Maladaptive Solution

Releasing contemporary spiritual pop for the next generation, The Maladaptive Solution aim to brainwash the nation with their new single ‘Ontology (Form and Content)’. The group use music as a medium to subtly teach, using a classic but modern sound.

The mysterious group influenced by every era and genre of music focus on creating memorable songs with great production. The track that somehow sounds familiar but is entirely unique was written in one session and recorded over a number of years and locations. Listeners have reported crying, feeling a strong sense of happiness or even a sense of support during a hard time, proving how ‘Ontology (Form and Content)’ can be interpreted by the individual in however way they wish.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/TheMaladaptiveSolution/
Location: America
Genres: Easy Listening, Pop
Available to play locally: No



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