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A Blue Flame

The songs should speak for themselves - I just sit in a room and bring them to life.

Sometimes it's an easy birth, sometimes it's like pushing a boulder up a mountain with my nose. I released an album - 'Someone Else's Dreams Will Fill Our Home' - in 2013 under the name Woodman Stone and I will be releasing more music this year and hopefully every year. New songs keep being born and old songs get new clothes when I find them again in notebooks and scraps of paper. Each project has it's own life - I am the only constant - I find the right people to make the right noise! All I want is to have people hear what I write and recognise something of themselves in what I've written.

Location: Leicester UK
Genres: Acoustic, Easy Listening, Folk, Indie, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Jazz, Pop, Rock
Available to play locally: Yes


Back To The Stars
Be Kind To Yourself
Empty Head
I Don't Know
Our Memories Fade
The Future's A Mystery
The Girl Inside Of You
The Girl Inside Of You - Radio Edit

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