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The Wall of Fame

We would like to personally thank the following people who have donated towards the future of the station.

Please spread the word and help us to fill this page with names of those who would love to play a part in our important work in the community and help develop the station. And don't forget, if someone donates £10 or more, they'll become a Friend of Croydon Radio.

We hope you enjoy the diverse schedule of shows that our wonderful and dedicated volunteers broadcast for you.  We’re incredibly proud of Croydon Radio and are grateful for your contribution. 

With our thanks and best wishes,

Croydon Radio Founders

Will Adams, £40
Anonymous, £5
Jojo Ruth, £20
Deborah Burrows, £10
Hayley Hanson, £10
David Insua-cao, £10
Sigmund Judge, £10
Anonymous, £10
Anonymous, £70
David Wright, £20
Stuart Green, £10
David O'gorman, £10
Tom Dennett-Cook, £20
Peter Evans, £10
Eileen Bullimore, £20
Elizmi Haze, £10
Adam Martin-lawrence, £10
Grace Onions, £20
Mick J. Clark, £10
Scott Mcculloch, £20
Ria Fend, £10
Alix Dennett-cook, £10
Amy Gillespie, £10
Kevin Lamb, £40