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This show was broadcast on: Sat 14 Dec at 11:00 UK

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From Croydon To Gallifrey Once a month Steve and Janet bring you talk, interviews and music from every corner of the Galaxy.......

This month we will be talking to Piers Beckley about his book -

Spaceships of Science Fiction Magazine (Over 100 Years of TV and Film Classics) and his contribution to "Outside In" - 160 new perspectives on 160 classic Dr Who stories by 160 writers.

Piers Beckley came into this world naked, screaming, and covered in blood, and feels that this has coloured his outlook ever since.

He’s been shortlisted for the BBC Drama Writers Academy, and a delegate on the TAPS Continuing Drama scheme. Credits include The Treason Show, NewsRevue, Week Ending, Splendid, 0110, an Alternative Reality Game for Spooks, and the acclaimed productions of Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol at The Lion & Unicorn Theatre.

He’s been a production manager, stage manager, project manager, line manager, extra, actor, web producer, theatre producer, short film producer, copywriter, interviewer, sub-editor, and editor. He’s also directed two short films and a radio play.

Piers has a blog, which often contains useful and interesting things.


His work has recently appeared in Outside In, a compilation of strange and wonderful reviews of Doctor Who



We will also be talking to Mark Griffiths who has just written a play called WE APOLOGISE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. Mark has also written science fiction books for children.

Mark Griffiths grew up in North Wales. At age 17 he sold his first comedy material to Radio 4. At 18 he was writing for Smith & Jones on BBC 1. He co-created and co-wrote BBC Radio Wales’s political sitcom The Basement with Cai Ross. He’s written two stage plays – The Lullaby Witch and The Impossibility Club – as well as one for BBC Radio 4 – Leona Cash, and was one of the writers on Charlie Brooker’s TV series and book TV Go Home. He studied philosophy at the University of Reading. His interests include magpies, English muffins, the pop group Cardiacs, weasels and seeing the moon during the day.


This show is presented by: Janet & Steve


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