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Reviews From The Outer Rim-End Of Year Review 2016

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This show was broadcast on: Mon 09 Jan at 20:00 UK

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Welcome to Reviews From The Outer Rim; the home of Croydon cult cinema.

On this show, we will be having our end of year review of 2016.

Special guests, Kristian Tatarkowski & Stuart Green.

Reviews From The Outer Rim is a cult film discussion show for self-confessed horror, sci-fi and fantasy geeks dedicated to cinema and fandom.

Conversations range from the intellectual to the trivial (mostly trivial), on new and old releases from the mainstream to the underground. With news, occasional interviews and lots of rants, Reviews From The Outer Rim is here to dissect the trash and treasures of cinema.

Image taken from 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' (2016).

This show is presented by: Thomas Dennett-Cook

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