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If jumping in muddy puddles is getting a bit boring tune in to get some ideas for things to do as a family in and around Croydon.

I've tried most of the activities for little children in Croydon at least once so I know if they do a decent cuppa and (more importantly) where the loos are !

I have zero tolerance for poor spelling and grammar (that'll be the teacher training) and recycle and reuse everything (that'll be the Green me) and can consume legendary quantities of tea (that's genetic).

My show has music, interviews and listings of things to do locally for families and children - or just the young at heart.

I'm keen to include and promote local businesses that work with children on my show. If you're a family friendly business and would like to be part of the show get in touch with me at Croydon Radio.

Follow me on www.twitter.com/swazirodgers or on www.facebook.com: Swazi: Croydon Radio DJ
I also have a blog: www.chocolateisnottheonlyfruit.blogspot.com

Number of shows broadcast: 171
Hours on the air: 207
Future show dates: No shows scheduled at the moment.

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