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To get your feet bouncing and your head bopping, Adam is here to make sure your Sunday is just as good, if not better than the rest of the weekend. He brings with him a whole range of dance music to share with you from the depths of an...
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Ally McKinlay
#MadeInCroydon From Sanderstead to Waddon-On-Wandle, i have lived in Croydon all of my life. This is with the exception of 3 years at University in Worcester, 18 months travelling in the Southern Hemisphere, numerous holidays in Scotland,...
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Alysha Wood
This feels exactly like a dating website profile, doesn't it? I'm 5ft4, enjoy long walks to the ice cream shop and I'll always love Nandos more than you. Soz. Honestly, I just want to make one of you smile, so if pop, indie, rock and a...
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Ambo, Amish & Prits
Chai Time with 3 bros of Croydon Radio, Ambo, Amish & Prit. The show takes you on a journey of British Asian culture through the only way they know best - MUSIC! From the new and old Bollywood songs & bhangra beats through to UK bred asian...
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Bonnie has been DJing and presenting in and around London for the last couple of years. Playing at a couple of residencies in and around Camden and North London, Bonnie has a laid back crowd pleasing approach to music and loves nothing more than to...
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Caroline Soda
I am a presenter on Croydon Radio....
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Hey I'm originally from the twin tropical paradise of Trinidad and Tobago and I will be bringing a bit of Tropical Heat from the Caribbean to Croydon Radio. I am a Carnival Junkie and a Lover of Soca Music and Caribbean Culture. If you want some...
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Chris Humphris
Chris doesn't really do a lot other than radio. He can often be heard reading travel news on stations including LBC and has also presented shows for a variety of community radio stations over the past few years. Here at Croydon Radio, you can hear...
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Chuck Thomas
Chuck is an award winning television producer and presenter. In addition to launching TV shows all around the world, he has also performed magic (badly) in Harrods, appeared in a Japanese music video (playing Sudoku) and was the last person to...
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Claire Bullimore
Hi, I'm Claire, I have a show dedicated to raising awareness about brain tumours. Croydon Radio has kindly given me a platform to give a voice to sufferers, survivors, family or friends. I interview a number of brain tumour charities, support group...
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Ems and Jules
Join us once a month for a lively one hour show featuring guests of all genres and styles within the LGBTQ+ community as they share their stories, talents, music & general creative loveliness. We pride ourselves on being all inclusive and...
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Eunice Dickinson
I've lived in Croydon with my family for over twenty years. I am very passionate about looking after our environment and the positive aspects of Croydon life. I love getting involved with arts and crafts, and more than that, having fun! I believe...
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Evian Cafun
Evian (like the water) hails from Croydon, plays games, Capoeira and plays video game music out loud. The End....
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DJ ezsketcha with the sound to keep you physically, spiritually and emotionally fit. I have been a dj for 15 years and a massive music fan for more than twice that. Reggae and dancehall are the rock stone upon which my musical house is built that...
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Gill Manly
I present Worker's Playtime at 10am on Wednesdays. Worker's Playtime takes a wry look at local and national current affairs, peppered with vintage humour, interviews and classic rock and pop. I love to interview people from the locality whether...
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Hugh and Steve
Hello, I'm Hugh. I grew up with radio as a kid in the West Midlands and got into melodic rock in my teens. I listened to the Light Programme, Radio Luxembourg, Radio 1, then local radio in Birmingham and London when I moved south in 1978....
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Hugh Arnold
Welcome to Hugh Arnold's Fine Tunes which goes out monthly on Friday afternoons. Here you can come round to my place and we can savour the last few hours of the weekend chilling out to classic rock, pop, blues, folk and anything else that...
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James Taylor
Since I was a journalist, I have always been interested in people and what makes them tick. As a humanist and a person of no religious belief, I have always been fascinated to understand what drives people of faith, how they feel it makes sense...
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As you may be able to tell from my accent, I'm not originally from around here. I hope to introduce you to a mix of new music from my home country, the land down under (Australia)....
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Jimi Sayo
Get Healthy with soundbytes geared to get us thinking and talking about issues of good health. Guests on the show have shared insights on fasting, relationships, nutrition, mindful living, self-defence and dealing with trauma. By day I'm a...
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Jo Whitehall
I host a monthly chat show called Croydon Talk. My aim is to interview interesting members of Croydon society who make a real difference. I'll be bringing you stories from performers to charities, businesses to politicians. If you've got a story,...
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Johnny Land
Hi everyone, it's Johnny here, your host of the Mid-Afternoon Show! My real name's Jonathan but you can call me Johnny, Jon-Jon or just Jon. I don't mind really. I'm proud to say I have lots of great memories of Croydon, as it's my hometown and...
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JP & Skee
The JSkee show is hosted by JP and Skee, two people who have been friends for years, ever since we met at University in the great city of Bristol. Now we'll bring our particular brand of comedy and chat to the listeners of Croydon Radio. Each week...
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Leah Mckenzie
Born and bread in Croydon, I am proud to be a Croydoner. I have always had a soft spot for "Show business " and now at the tender age of 32 I have decided to fight for my dream. My first passion is singing and songwriting followed by presenting,...
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Magdalene Adenaike is The Host of Deep Truth on Croydon Radio. A show that goes to the heart of the individual, unmasking the deep truths behind negative cultural and societal damages on our youths and all. Discussing with experts of specialist...
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Martin Whittle
I moved to Croydon in 1984 and have lived here ever since. Since I can remember I have had an overwhelming passion for music and have been lucky enough to meet some of my musical heroes. The first group of shows will be based around the Americana...
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Hi, I'm Natalie. As a Christian actress, singer and spoken word artist who has performed in a: one woman show, multiple private gigs and in online web series I am passionate about motivating and inspiring others to fulfill their potential in life....
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Nicola Richards
Nicola Richards is one of England's fastest rising stars of voice over, with a career that so far has included radio, television and new media! In just three short years she has become the voice of Noel Edmonds Radio Positivity, secured her own...
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Rachel Hye
Hello! I present '6 Things I Didn't Know Last Sunday'. I started radio after enrolling on a production course at Point Blank Music College. Now, I'm working in radio advertising. Previously, I worked in TV advertising, producing commercials,...
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Keeping our ears to the ground to bring you the hottest fire around. Dropping the biggest records before your favourite DJ's favourite DJ. Tune in every other Friday from 7-8pm GMT to hear all the exclusives and live performances from select...
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I am a new presenter on Croydon Radio. I have a lifelong interest in all kinds of music, starting out in nightclubs in my 20's and most recently as the 80's music presenter on Ridge Radio.I dream of one day being able to play the flute and I have...
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Trev & Ben
Hello I'm Trevor Smith, I have lived in and around Croydon all my life so feel pretty well qualified to talk about it! I have loved radio all my life thanks to listening to Graham Dene & Chris Tarrant on Capital Radio as I was growing up. I am...
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I'm a DJ and blogger who's been part of the Croydon Radio family since 2014. I'm into all sorts of music but you can catch me every 2 weeks on the High Class Filter show, Monday 7-8pm laying down all things that'll make you move, from disco to house,...
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