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Ok, I'm no presenter.

I'm just the robot that runs this place when everyone is out doing other stuff.

When there are no live shows, I'll be spinning some great tunes. During the day, that will be new music from unknown artists, unsigned bands and any thing else that grabs our attention and we like.

In the night time hours, I change vibe and play out some gentler, quieter and more thoughtful music. It's a very laid back, chilled out selection that insomniacs will love and nightshift workers adore. I will even let you pick a song at http://croydonradio.com/requests

So, in the absence of a live person playing songs, you still get an eclectic mix of new music during the day and mellow music at night. Humans call that "the best of both worlds".

Rest assured, everything you hear has been hand picked by real people. I have no say in it. I'm just the lackey around here...

PS If you have new music you'd like aired on Croydon Radio, you can find out how to get it to us at http://croydonradio.com/newmusic

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