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Andrew Chatterton

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Sun 26 Feb at 16:00 UK
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Andrew has folk and alternative music on Sunday afternoons and regular guests for live acoustic performances.

After an all too brief spell in BBC local radio as "the most junior member of the team", Andrew made a number of community stations in south London his home from home.

His several years of radio experience have included:

- showing some estimable young people how to press all the right buttons, probably in the wrong order.

- winning the Terry Wogan award for mid-morning banter. (Oh, alright, it was a joke certificate!)

- regularly having tea with musicians in the name of broadcasting.

- getting away with reading a book extract on air that involved Bob Monkhouse and a Salami. Best you don't ask.

Number of shows broadcast: 211
Hours on the air: 426
Future show dates: Sun 26 Feb

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