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Fairfield Halls has been at the centre of Croydon life for 50 years. Since the Queen Mother opened the building on November 2nd 1962, some of the greatest stars of music, variety, comedy, opera and theatre have graced Fairfield’s stages and it is a venue of national and cultural importance.

Listen to some of the recent performers, artists and exhibitors that have appeared at Fairfield and spoken with Croydon Radio.

Andre Shchedrov, Russian State Dance Ensemble
Jo Whitehall of Croydon Talk, interviews Andre Shchedrov, tour manager of the Russian State Dance Ensemble. They will be performing their Russian Cossacks show at the Fairfield Halls on April 20. With 300 costumes and 40 world-class performers with more...
Presented by: Jo Whitehall
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Published on: Mon 15 Apr

Simon Thomsett, Chief Exec Fairfield Halls
Simon Thomsett talks about Croydon's long running arts and entertainment complex, its fifty year history and plans for the future.
Presented by: Croydon Radio Admin
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Published on: Fri 12 Apr

Happy Days Are Here Again
Jo spoke with Neil Sands about his Fairfield Halls matinee, Happy Days Are Here Again - a celebration of music from the 40s to the 60s.
Presented by: Jo Whitehall
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Published on: Wed 03 Apr

David Allen, Blood, Guts and Gore
David Allen is Director of a new show featuring a healthy dose of murder, laughter and gunge. It plays at Fairfield halls on March 28-29. David came into the studio to tell us about his show and to offer a special prize.
Presented by: Jo Whitehall
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Published on: Thu 28 Mar

Tony Wilkie-Millar, Chinese State Circus
Jo spoke with Tony Wilkie-Millar, Creative Director for the Chinese State Circus, ahead of their show at Fairfield Halls on Saturday 30th March.
Presented by: Jo Whitehall
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Published on: Wed 27 Mar


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