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Croydon Voices

Croydon is an exciting, diverse and fascinating community of individuals, organisations and businesses.

Listen to some of the recent interviews and sound bites we've captured. Thanks to everyone who has dropped by the Croydon Radio studio or met us "in the field".

Frank Paine, Shirley Windmill
Janet Smith takes a guided tour of Shirley Windmill with Frank Paine.
Presented by: Janet Smith
Permalink: Here
Published on: Sat 01 Sep

Gideon at Word Fest
Janet Smith meets Gideon, a participant in Word Fest at Croydon Library.
Presented by: Janet Smith
Permalink: Here
Published on: Thu 30 Aug

Jean Ure
Swazi met Jean Ure at Croydon's Central Library and asked her about her life as an author and her new book.
Presented by: Swazi
Permalink: Here
Published on: Mon 06 Aug


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