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Live this week in Croydon

THE ANTIDOTE TO AUDIO WALLPAPER. Interviewing acts playing live in Croydon. So it is Valentine's day - what do you think I am going to play? Yes it is two hours of love songs mostly by previous guests. Treats include a track from the Ron more...
Presented by: James Tighe
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Broadcast on: Tue 14 Feb at 19:00 UK

The Sixties Hour - Tuesday Afternoon

The Sixties Hour - Tuesday Afternoon Bringing you some great eclectic sounds from the sixties as well as some classic tracks too from a great decade when just about anything went. Feel free to wear some flowers in your hair and put on your tinted more...
Presented by: David Harley
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Broadcast on: Tue 14 Feb at 12:00 UK

It's only Tuesday

Because it's only Tuesday and there's a while to go until the weekend. Music, chat, ideas and stuff. more...
Presented by: June Loveless
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Broadcast on: Tue 14 Feb at 11:00 UK


Salsarock is a show that can briefly be described as ‘A Genre of three halves’. Three halves being, Reggae, RnB and Salsa (circa 1980 - 1990) all with a leaning bias towards Romantica. The Salsa in Salsarock is the flavour or Mmm... feeling more...
Presented by: Ned Salsarock
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Broadcast on: Mon 13 Feb at 17:00 UK

Sunday afternoon with...

Andrew offers some Sunday afternoon friendly alternative, folk and acoustic music. more...
Presented by: Andrew Chatterton
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Broadcast on: Sun 12 Feb at 16:00 UK

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