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JazzBeat featuring saxophonist Mike Casey

Welcome to JazzBeat - the weekly show all about swing, ballads with the emphasis on jazz. Featuring artists and musicians from the golden era and those who are bringing the genre alive today. On Thursday 16 February we chat to US jazz saxophonist more...
Presented by: Liv Fernandes
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Broadcast on: Thu 16 Feb at 14:00 UK

The Sly Persuaders on The Joyzine Radio Show

London surf-psych quartet The Sly Persuaders join us in the studio ahead of the release of their debut album on Roadkill Records. Unscene & Unherd Music Independent and Unsigned Artists Exclusive live session tracks Local music news and more...
Presented by: Paul Maps
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Broadcast on: Wed 15 Feb at 19:00 UK

Quiz Night at the Lobster

Dan Cohen joins me in the studio for Quiz Night at the Lobster. Croydon pubs and stuff like that are your specialist subject at the Whistling Lobster this month. Join me and Werner the Tottenham Woodlouse to lob the q and a in the last quiz for more...
Presented by: Verity Vox
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Broadcast on: Wed 15 Feb at 18:00 UK

Worker's Playtime

"Worker's Playtime" on Wednesday mornings I interview guests from the locality from business, the arts and politics. Peppered with vintage humour, a look at the news and classic pop and rock. This week Dev Desai joins me in the studio to talk more...
Presented by: Gill Manly
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Broadcast on: Wed 15 Feb at 10:00 UK

Live this week in Croydon

THE ANTIDOTE TO AUDIO WALLPAPER. Interviewing acts playing live in Croydon. So it is Valentine's day - what do you think I am going to play? Yes it is two hours of love songs mostly by previous guests. Treats include a track from the Ron more...
Presented by: James Tighe
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Broadcast on: Tue 14 Feb at 19:00 UK

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