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The Suburban Pirate Radio Show

A live Dub performance in the studio with Reggie and Simon ( old boy) Wood. A surreal narrative journey of soundscapes and musical collages. Live percsussion, keyboards,guitar,dub mixing,vocals,flute. A form of Gonzo Radio. (starting our more...
Presented by: Reggie and Simon
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Broadcast on: Fri 13 Jan at 14:00 UK

Diverse Croydon

A fortnightly opportunity to look at the activities and communities that make our borough so special. The first show of 2017 features Pam Cumberbatch and Marsha Richards from Unique Roots an exciting healthy eating, gardening and food growing more...
Presented by: Paul Macey
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Broadcast on: Fri 13 Jan at 10:00 UK

Get Ready to Reflect

My show tonight will be a mixture of, Reggae, RnB and Hip Hop, old and new, also my aim is to play at least one UK artist in my show. So sit back, relax and enjoy. A new show for a new audience. more...
Presented by: Dj JRNice
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Broadcast on: Thu 12 Jan at 20:00 UK


Welcome to JazzBeat - the weekly show all about swing, ballads with the emphasis on jazz. Featuring artists and musicians from the golden era and those who are bringing the genre alive today. more...
Presented by: Liv Fernandes
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Broadcast on: Thu 12 Jan at 14:00 UK

A Cellarful of Noise

A radio show full of new punky fuzz and old bouncy junk. On 'A Cellarful of Noise' you will hear the latest indie pop, (post) punk, anti-folk, and hip hop - as well as a distinguished and varied collection of older music, from reggae and rock and more...
Presented by: Carl Farrugia
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Broadcast on: Wed 11 Jan at 20:00 UK

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