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Croydon Voices

Croydon is an exciting, diverse and fascinating community of individuals, organisations and businesses.

Listen to some of the recent interviews and sound bites we've captured. Thanks to everyone who has dropped by the Croydon Radio studio or met us "in the field".

Young People in Croydon
Why do large numbers of young people assemble in Croydon town centre each Friday afternoon? In this podcast produced by the council’s Young People’s Engagement Team, the youth of Croydon discuss the gatherings. In their own words, they more...
Presented by: CR0BOT
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Published on: Thu 19 Jan

The Life of Crystal Palace’s Creator
In June 2015 it was the 150 anniversary of the death Joseph Paxton, creator of the magificant Crystal Palace. As the anniversary approached, we spoke to John Geatruex about this extrordinary man.
Presented by: Mark Pickering
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Published on: Sat 20 Jun

Twenty mph speed limits for Croydon - your views
In recents years, twenty mile an hour speed limits have been popping up like mushrooms throughout London. Croydon Council held a consultation (which closed on 24th June 2015) about putting them in residential roads in the North of the Borough, the more...
Presented by: Mark Pickering
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Published on: Sat 20 Jun

The Barn
Janet chats to Samuel Facey from The Barn Community Arts Theatre and talks about their exciting new venue.
Presented by: Janet Smith
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Published on: Wed 06 May

Election Voxpops
With a general election looming, we hit the streets of central Croydon and spoke to the people that matter - the voters, to find out what they think of the nation’s politicians.
Presented by: Mark Pickering
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Published on: Tue 28 Apr


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