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Live this week in Croydon

THE ANTIDOTE TO AUDIO WALLPAPER. Interviewing acts playing live in Croydon. more...
Presented by: James Tighe
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Broadcast on: Tue 28 Feb at 19:00 UK

Eclectic Final new music Avenue

Just a chance for me to play you some more new songs from new and upcoming bands. Featuring music from Astral Cloud Ashes, Hannah White, Milky Onions and many others... Croydon Radio will be taking a break from live broadcasting for six months, more...
Presented by: Steve
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Broadcast on: Tue 28 Feb at 17:00 UK

The Sixties Hour - California Dreamin'

The Sixties Hour - California Dreamin' Bringing you some great eclectic sounds from the sixties as well as some classic tracks too from a great decade when just about anything went. Feel free to wear some flowers in your hair and put on your more...
Presented by: David Harley
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Broadcast on: Tue 28 Feb at 12:00 UK

It's only Tuesday

Because it's only Tuesday and there's a while to go until the weekend. Music, chat, ideas and stuff. more...
Presented by: June Loveless
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Broadcast on: Tue 28 Feb at 11:00 UK

Encyclopaedia Croydonia - Show 38 : Reasons to be Cheerful

Every month Ben and Rob play songs and talk about a different word. They might well bicker about it too - we'll see. The theme is always suggested by the listeners - so please join the shoutbox and let us know a theme for the next show! more...
Presented by: Ben and Rob
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Broadcast on: Mon 27 Feb at 20:00 UK

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