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We regularly tweet about events and activities taking place in Croydon and nearby.

If you'd like us to tweet about your event to our 5000+ followers, add the details to our event calendar and they will appear here and on our twitter feed in due course.

Sat 25 Mar 19:30 QUIZ NIGHT, Rotary Club Of Croydon South http://croydonradio.com/events/quiz-night-rotary-club-of-croydon-south
Sat 25 Mar 19:30 Quiz Night For All http://croydonradio.com/events/quiz-night-for-all
Thu 23 & Sat 25 Mar Jenny Lockyer / Amy Johnson: Last Flight Out @croydonites http://bit.ly/2jdPYfu
Mondays in Feb & Mar 16:00 Cre8 Football-Movement Mondays @cre8football http://croydonradio.com/events/cre8-football-movement-mondays
Mondays in Feb & March 16:45 Aim High Dance Academy STREET DANCE Classes For KIDS @Aimhighdance https://goo.gl/S9uYnS
Sat 25-Sun 26 Mar Anita Wadsworth / Adventures In Noggle Noggle @croydonites http://bit.ly/2jdKS32
Mondays in Feb & March 19:00 FREE Dance Classes With Aim High Dance Academy @aimhighdance https://goo.gl/4gJs4D
Tue14, Thu 23, Sun 26 Mar South Norwood CED Plan Consultation Events @brynleygibson https://goo.gl/PWuNUJ
Mon 27 Mar 19:45 Talk: The Defensive Installations Of Tandridge District @cnhssprogramme https://goo.gl/99i6fg
Tue 28 Mar 20:30 Swampgrass - Live! @The_TNMC http://croydonradio.com/events/swampgrass-live
Wed 29 Mar 20:30 Croydonites Festival Of New Theatre Presents Jamal Harewood / The Privileged @croydonites https://goo.gl/CMxksf
Thu 30 Mar 17:00 Live Music With Seasons Of Love @TRS_Croydon http://croydonradio.com/events/live-music-with-seasons-of-love
Fri 31 Mar 19:30 Zella Compton / How To Be A Girl! @croydonites http://bit.ly/2jdKK3y
Fri 31 Mar 20:00 Shane Shambhu / Confessions Of A Cockney Temple Dancer @croydonites http://bit.ly/2jdRZIN
Sat 01 Apr 19:30 Croydon Bach Choir Spring Concert @CroydonBach @milliescroydon @tixLondon http://bit.ly/2jMWB6c
Croydonites Festival Of New Theatre Presents Parabolic Theatre Company / Morningstar @croydonites https://goo.gl/vU6CAF
Sun 02 Apr 15:00 Sunday Afternoon Concert - Croydon Symphonic Band https://goo.gl/GwRRZ6
Mon 03 Apr 19:45 Talk: Sopwith Aircraft And The Great War @cnhssprogramme https://goo.gl/A02JDZ
Tue 04 Apr 20:30 Will Johns & Friends @The_TNMC http://croydonradio.com/events/will-johns-friends
Sat 08 Apr 14:30 Poets Anonymous - United Reformed Church @peterlevans https://goo.gl/0Z6slh
Sun 09 Apr 14:00 Stanley's Junior Film Club: INSIDE OUT @stanleyfilmclub https://goo.gl/R1eDvn
Tue 11 Apr 20:30 Half Deaf Clatch AND Benjamin Bassford - Live! @The_TNMC https://goo.gl/QX6IBs
Tuesdays at 18:15 Contemporary And Jazz Dance Classes For Adults @danceSlide https://goo.gl/2dysgj
Sundays in March to May 12:30 Walking Football @WandlePark http://croydonradio.com/events/walking-football
Various Saturdays 10:00 Old Coulsdon Village Market http://croydonradio.com/events/old-coulsdon-village-market-04-Mar
First Sunday of month at 11:00 Historic Croydon Airport Open Day @CroydonAirport http://bit.ly/2k8jXDS


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