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The Kingdom Of Paul Nash

After a devastating flood, an artist finds refuge on an island of dissenters and visionaries.

The Kingdom of Paul Nash is a “graphic novel ballad”, a fable, a celebration of love, chance, and surrealism. Live score and foley sound effects by the Cabinet of Living Cinema. Illustrations by James Edwards and animation by Tom Brown. Inspired by the paintings of Paul Nash.

70 years after Nash’s death in Boscombe, 1946, The Kingdom of Paul Nash brings together graphic novel artists with musicians from the Cabinet of Living Cinema and Dorset folk musicians to trace his journey to a new artistic vision, inspired by the intense relationship he had with fellow surrealist, Eileen Agar, whilst living in Purbeck.

The Kingdom of Paul Nash will be followed by a programme of short films exploring surrealism, illustration and natural history. Touring England, Wales and Scotland in 2016-2017.

Reviews of the Kingdom of Paul Nash
“The Kingdom of Paul Nash is the second ‘graphic novel ballad’ from The Cabinet of Living Cinema, this time inspired by the life of the British artist Paul Nash. Mesmerising, dream-like, and wonderfully illustrated and animated, it touches upon Nash’s experiences on the Western Front during the First World War as well as his affair with the artist Eileen Agar in Dorset during the Thirties. Rich in symbolism and metaphor, it also benefits from a lilting, intense score with wistful folk songs, dramatising elemental aspects of Dorset’s landscape and, of course, the love affair itself. Beautiful”. Alastair Sooke, Art critic, The Daily Telegraph.

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