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Reincarnation, Meditation And Yoga Event

Understand the concept of Reincarnation and explore your past-lives through Meditation, Inner Journeying and Yoga with UK's leading expert as seen on ITV and Channel 4 who is in Croydon for a one off special event.

Whether you are curious about past-lives, wish to understand yourself better or want to create better health, self and relationships then you're invited to join us in a safe and tranquil group setting to take a step in the right direction to be the best you can today. Expect to be inspired, uplifted and enlightened.

Past Life meditation will help you make sense of the various experiences of your soul's journey through time. It is believed we have all lived countless past-lives that determines your current life script to shape personality, choices and ways of thinking as we all carry forth old dynamics from strengths and talents to fears and limitations. By understanding the experiences of the past, you have the opportunity to change the script of our present life to be more confident, happy and at peace.

- Realising your past lives and how they impact your life today
- Enhanced self awareness, understanding and self-esteem
- Accelerate your personal development
- Opportunity to notice and let go of outdated and limiting patterns
- Physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual renewal

£20 per ticket - get in touch to reserve your space. Please bring your own Yoga mat - a cushion and light blanket can be useful too.

For further details visit - http://www.knowyourpastlife.com/new-moon-meditation-and-yoga2

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