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Let us create quiet rooms with Noise Reduction and Soundproofing for home, floors, walls, ceilings, studios and all other areas.

Offering state of the art soundproofing and acoustic insulation products, we provide homeowners affordable sound insulation protecting them from the problem of domestic noise pollution, noisy neighbours and when the only solution to your needs is a 'quiet room'.

Organisations require soundproofing in studios, meeting rooms and other areas.

Home Soundproofing London
It’s not unusual to hear your neighbours shouting, or to be disturbed by loud noises. Our Soundproofing Solutions can offer a significant improvement if you are disturbed by the noise of a television or a simple conversation. By reducing the amount of noise pollution you suffer we could also reduce the noisier elements you might suffer from. Call dB Soundproofing for your sound insulation solutions.

Soundproofing Your Home
dB Soundproofing London offer expert advice on domestic sound proofing solutions. We also advise and assist with complianceon regulation E for Building Regulations for flat conversions. Typical properties that require soundproofing in London are usually conversion flats, terraced houses and semi detached properties. We offer sound insulation for flooring, ceiling soundproofingand wall sound insulation.

Soundproofing Recording Studios
dB Soundproofing can help you turn a room in your home into a recording studio or even a surround sound cinema, without upsetting your neighbours! We also soundproof garages, out-buildings and garden offices. You can turn any space into a recording studio with soundproofing where you can play and practice music, or watch a film, without disturbing family members or annoying the neighbours.

Covering: All London areas and the South of England.