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About Croydon Radio

Why start a radio station in Croydon?

We believe there is need for a dedicated radio station that caters for the news, views, issues and interests of local people.

Following the 2011 August riots, there was a ground swell of pride in Croydon and a desire by many to help improve our communities. Croydon Council launched the “Love Croydon” initiative to celebrate what it means to live and work in Croydon.

Croydon Radio was already in planning before the riots but the events of 2011 made us all the more determined to get something off the ground. We launched our station in July 2012 to aid the regeneration effort and help restore pride in our town.

Since then, Croydon Radio has built on the wave of optimism and excitement for Croydon and had been giving individuals, organisations and local businesses a new voice.

About us
Croydon Radio is the first internet community radio station dedicated to Croydon.