Croydon Radio at Night

About Croydon Radio

Where is Croydon Radio based?

In Croydon, of course!

Our first studio was based in the heart of Croydon at Matthews Yard. We have recently relocated to Airport House on the site of the former Croydon Airport.

In due course, we hope to open another studio and production facility at second location in Croydon. This will become a training space where individuals can learn about radio production, develop their media skills and become confident in communications.

That's all in the future. For now, we are simply having fun, building a radio station and creating a friendly and lively community for Croydon by Croydon people. We'd love you to join us.

About us
Croydon Radio is the first internet community radio station dedicated to Croydon.
Why Croydon?
We believe there is room for a dedicated radio station that caters for the news, views, issues and interests of local people.
Who can get involved?
Anyone who cares for Croydon and wants to contribute to the life of this great town can get involved.
What shows are possible?
If you have an idea for a compelling radio show that's relevant to Croydon, we'll help you get it on the air.
Where is Croydon Radio based?
This has to be a no-brainer right?