We Love New Music!

About Croydon Radio

What shows are possible?

The possibilities are endless.

If you have an idea for a compelling radio show that's relevant to Croydon, we'll help you get it on the air.

Here are a few ideas. You've probably got more...

  • share your thoughts, views or opinions on something relevant to Croydon
  • showcase a local band or artist or other cultural work
  • create a short audio documentary on a topic of local relevance
  • interview local people or gather sound clips at an event
  • provide a fresh persective on something that matters to the people of Croydon
  • or simply share the music you are passionate about

We'd love to hear your ideas for a radio show.

Come along to one of our "Try Out Days" to have a go at presenting or register your interest in joining Croydon Radio as an interviewer, reviewer or as an occasional contributor.

About us
Croydon Radio is the first internet community radio station dedicated to Croydon.