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About Croydon Radio

About Royalties

On-Demand plays of your music

By submitting your music to WeLoveNewMusic, you are allowing us to make it freely available for on-demand listening by visitors to our website. We do not provide a download of your music. It may only be played through the website.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer payment for music uploaded to our server and played on-demand by visitors to our website. We pay the hosting and streaming costs for all the music we host. We hope this service benefits you by providing free promotion and discovery of your music and by circulating it to our presenters for their consideration.

On-air plays of your music

If your music is selected to be played on our automated playlist or in one of our shows, this should generate royalties if you are registered with PRS/PPL.

PRS/PPL can provide more information about the royalty process at www.prsformusic.com

About our license

Croydon Radio is licensed with PRS/PPL. We pay in advance an annual fee that allows us to broadcast a maximum number of streams over the course of the year. A part of this fee is distributed to artists at the discretion of PRS/PPL.

Each quarter we report on the average number of songs streamed per hour and the number of listeners that connected. This is to ensure we don't exceed the max allowance over the year. If we do exceed our annual allowance, we have to pay an excess charge at year end.

It should be noted that we are NOT asked to submit song or artist information for each track played. It's purely the number of songs and listeners. This is the nature of the licence we have and is in common with other small scale, internet-based broadcasters.

However, we do keep a record of all music played and can provide details of how often your particular tracks have been broadcast .

Since we are not asked to provide artist and song information, it is incumbent upon the artist to notify PRS/PPL directly about plays on our station and any accrued royalties.

You will normally be notified if we add your music to our playlist or feature your track in a particular show.

We will be happy to provide you information on how often your music has been played on the air at Croydon Radio. Please contact us and we'll provide details. We can provide this information a maximum of TWO TIMES PER YEAR and at no less than SIX MONTHLY INTERVALS due to the volume of music that is submitted to the site.

About us
Croydon Radio is the first internet community radio station dedicated to Croydon.
Why Croydon?
We believe there is room for a dedicated radio station that caters for the news, views, issues and interests of local people.
Who can get involved?
Anyone who cares for Croydon and wants to contribute to the life of this great town can get involved.
What shows are possible?
If you have an idea for a compelling radio show that's relevant to Croydon, we'll help you get it on the air.
Where is Croydon Radio based?
This has to be a no-brainer right?