If music be the food of love...
Great music & news about great food & drink, with an emphasis on Croydon. Not only that, but also foodie & music guests with the occasional competition.
The first half of today's show is dedicated to the music of Manchester. An hour is not enough time to cover all the amazing artists born in this wonderful city ... but I'll fit in as many as I can!
Soda Stream
Soda Stream is a radio show from Club Soda, an arts company from Croydon led by people with learning disabilities. Leading our show is media enthusiast Caroline Soda who is passionate about the arts and people who make art! We will regularly feature disabled artists and non-disabled artists alike and will welcome DJs, musicians, actors and comedians to the show. We hope to have something for everyone.
Reviews From The Outer Rim
Welcome to Reviews From The Outer Rim; the home of Croydon cult cinema. In honour of the release of 'Dawn Of the Planet of the Apes', we'll be having a discussion on the 'Apes' franchise. Special guest from 'Pop Cultural Podcast', Stewart Powell. At Reviews From The Outer Rim, our mission is to highlight challenging films in areas normally held in disrepute. We’re a discussion show for self-confessed horror, sci-fi and fantasy geeks dedicated to cinema and fandom. Conversations range from the intellectual to the trivial (mostly trivial), on new and old releases from the mainstream to the underground. With news, occasional interviews and lots of rants, Reviews From The Outer Rim is here to dissect the trash and treasures of cinema. Image from 'Planet of the Apes' (1968).