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Worker's Playtime
"Worker's Playtime" on Wednesday mornings I interview guests from the locality from business, the arts and politics. Peppered with vintage humour, a look at the news and classic pop and rock. At 10.15am I will be speaking with Harini Iyengar, a candidate for the GLA elections on 5th May for the newly formed Women's Equality Party. Harini is a Barrister, so it will be an interesting discussion on equality and her hopes for the GLA. At 10.45 Jake Costello comes in to the studio to talk about his new play which opens on 5th May at Theatre Utopia in Matthew's Yard. 11.15 Wendy Ager talks about her company Get Better Coaching and finally at 11.40 am Rob Kingsley talks to me about his performance as Elvis Presley coming up at the O2. A very busy show today.
His & Hers
Every fortnight we present a selection of music on a theme that we have chosen. We take it in turns to share a painstakingly chosen range of tunes that reflect our different musical tastes and pick and mix style. We love to chat to listeners in the shoutbox about the music, the theme or issues of domestic importance. Come on over to our place and pull up a chair :o)
Aunty M Brain Tumours Talk Show
This week I will be speaking to Rowan Jones and Alex Brown about their Spero for Cancer App Launch. Spero for Cancer is a free app that connects everyone affected by cancer. For more details: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/38784-spero-for-cancer-app-launch Join the app here: http://speroforcancer.com/ Join us in the Shoutbox during the show and ask questions you may have.