Croydon Radio Replay
Croydon Radio Replay
CR0BOT dips into our vast selection of shows and picks a gem from the archive...
If music be the food of love...
Ok so this is a show for music afficionados everywhere, playing music by more artists than you can shake a stick at! The only criteria for this show is that there isn't a criteria! :0) So tune in to see what's going on.
Aunty M Brain Tumours Talk Show
I'm speaking to Jennifer Pownall on the show about her personal battle with having 3 brain tumour diagnosis's and about her fantastic fundraiser ROCK OUT BRAIN TUMOURS AIR GUITAR CHALLENGE! "I have 3 benign brain tumours and after dealing with my own personal battle I now know what I'm capable of. I found I am at my happiest helping others in the fight against brain tumours. I find that I have the ability to get up in front of large crowds and even go on TV to speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves" - Jennifer Join us in the Shoutbox and ask any question during the show See you there?
Teenage Kicks
Monthly themed show playing music from our teenage years. I'll be playing the music that someone with a link to the Croydon borough would have listened to.