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It's only Tuesday
Because it's only Tuesday and there's a while to go until the weekend. Music, chat, ideas and stuff.
The Sixties Hour
The Sixties Hour Soul Explosion Special This week we are devoting the entire show to bringing you some great classic soul music from the sixties and early seventies as well as some lesser known tracks from a great decade which will have you dancing in the aisles this Easter. So if you are a fan of Otis Redding, The Four Tops, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, and the Isley Brothers etc you will love the show. But we are also going to include some great sounds from lesser know acts like the Elgins, The Toys and Fontella Bass which will have your feet tapping and your hands clapping. The regular Beatles cover feature will also have a distinctly soulful feel to it So join me at noon on Tuesday for the Sixties Hour Soul Explosion Special or catch the show (or any of the past shows) on the podcast
Get Healthy - Women's Kixa; Adoption and Fostering
Catherine Drake Wilkes from Thornton Heath teaches a women-only Kixa class. Kixa combines physical movements with unique breathing techniques, and can be used for fitness, practical self defence, confidence building and relaxation. All Kixa teachers are volunteers, seeking to share this centuries old knowledge and help others feel calmer, fitter and stronger. Email address: Telephone number: 07980 659169 Twitter: @darkcinnamon Facebook: KixaCentralPower Sundjata Keita is the chair of the The Afrikan Family Works which focuses on issues facing African and African-Caribbean communities in London and the rest of the UK. One of the biggest challenges facing people from African and Caribbean backgrounds are struggling with is how to adopt and foster more children from their community stuck in local authority care. Email: Telephone number: 07783 188 100 Twitter: @AFWORKSNET Facebook: The Afrikan Family Works Website: Get Healthy with the best health inspired discussions with expert guests and personal live experiences. Exploring life style tips and that can help us look after our most treasured assets: our minds and body. A primary source of health issues to target comes from National and International Health Observances. These calendar events are days, weeks, or months devoted to promoting particular health concerns. Dedicating time to each of these causes gives individuals, health professionals, teachers, community groups, and others the opportunity to sponsor health promotion events and stimulate awareness of health issues. You can plan ahead to contact me to be a guest on the show if a health matter dear to your heart is coming up. These two links can be a great help: Once a fortnight I invite health specialists, both traditional and complimentary, get fit experts, healers, and protectors of our mental health. I also welcome first hand contributions from every day people like you telling the story of our journey to, or away, from good health.