Brain Tumour Thursday
Claire a.k.a Aunty M and co-presenter Eileen B are a daughter mother duo and are here to support and encourage any person affected by a brain tumour. You can find more about Aunty M Brain tumours at Their show is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice and does not provide advice on treatments or conditions for individual patients.
JazzBeat featuring Derek Nash
Welcome to JazzBeat - the show all about swing, ballads with the emphasis on jazz. Featuring artists and musicians from the golden era and those who are bringing the genre alive today. On Thursday 30 October, we chat on the phone to British Jazz nominated saxophonist, Derek Nash. Derek will be telling us about his amazing career with the Jools Holland Rythm and Blues Orchestra and his own fabulous band, Sax Appeal, with their new album release, Funkerdeen. Plus there is music to jazz up your afternoon...
The Creative Business Radio Show
A Creative Business Spotlight By Creative Business People. The show will feature:- -News of interest to all creative businesses; -Interviews with creative business people with expertise in a variety of business area; this show we have Isla Selley professional actress and dancer and Beverly Clark also a professional actress. -reviews of the latest business technology as it relates to creative business -a "how to do" section with experts in various business skills, with a phoe in option -news and reviews of the latest music as an ongoing feature, including a gig guide and news of other creative shows and activities; -any other creative business news and developments as it happens.
The Suburban Pirate Radio Show
A live Dub performance in the studio with Sly on the mic, Reggie at the controls and Stevo on everything else. A surreal narrative journey of soundscapes and musical collages with the voices of William Burroughs, Morrissey, Allen Ginsberg, Ian Dury and others. Live percsussion, keyboards,guitar,dub mixing,vocals,flute. A form of Gonzo Radio.