We Love New Music!
If music be the food of love...
Ok so this is a show for music afficionados everywhere, playing music by more artists than you can shake a stick at! The only criteria for this show is that there isn't a criteria! :0) So tune in to see what's going on.
The Mid-Afternoon Show
Hi everyone, it's Jonathan here, the host of the 'Mid-Afternoon Show,' where I'll be keeping you company with the best new music and chat every Monday fortnight. As well as lots of great new music and chat, I'll also be giving you the chance to get involved with the show in the 'Afternoon Pick-Me-Up' and 'Artist in Residence.' The 'Afternoon Pick-Me-Up' is your chance to pick three feel good songs to get you through your afternoon. Send me your suggestions on Twitter and the Shout box and I'll pick the best three songs to play out at 3.45pm each show. The 'Artist in Residence' is where I invite a band or artist into the studio that I've been playing on the show, getting to know a bit more about them and their influences etc.
Salsarock is a show that can briefly be described as ‘A Genre of three halves’. Three halves being, Reggae, RnB and Salsa (circa 1980 - 1990) all with a leaning bias towards Romantica. The Salsa in Salsarock is the flavour or Mmm... feeling of the music, while the rock is the passion, motion - ‘I wanna rock with you’, Rock me tonight’, Rock your baby etc. On Occasion there will be interviews with Musicians,Dj’s, people in the arts and local community as well as up and coming information about events, culture and cuisine! after all Salsa does mean sauce : )
Reviews From The Outer Rim- 'Snakes on a Plane'.
Welcome to Reviews From The Outer Rim; the home of Croydon cult cinema. On this show, to celebrate our first show at Croydon Airport House Business Centre, we will be discussing 'Snakes on a Plane'. Special guest, Kristian Tatarkowski. Reviews From The Outer Rim is a cult film discussion show for self-confessed horror, sci-fi and fantasy geeks dedicated to cinema and fandom. Conversations range from the intellectual to the trivial (mostly trivial), on new and old releases from the mainstream to the underground. With news, occasional interviews and lots of rants, Reviews From The Outer Rim is here to dissect the trash and treasures of cinema. Image taken from 'Snakes on a Plane' (2006).